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At Habitaflex, we have pushed the boundaries of technology and prefabrication to reduce construction times further; we’ve optimized the use of building materials to reduce acquisition costs further; we’ve pre-engineered construction to reduce installation costs and we’ve optimized the use of one module to reduce transportation costs. Thanks to the sum of all these small revolutions, you get to save further.




Unlike most modular home system, [hôm] is 100% factory-built. An integrated advanced modular construction system, all the construction and laborious trade works are 100% planned, executed and coordinated in one module under the supervision of one supplier, one controlled factory environment. So you get to enjoy peace of mind, quality of work, lower price and one only transportation cost.




Not only is Habitaflex [hôm] a 100% prebuilt, it is quick to install on site and ready-to-connect to services. All the mechanical aspects of the construction (electrical, plumbing, ventilation) are pre-fitted and housed in the wall cavities in the central part of the house to minimize on site specialized trade involvement. So you get to save on installation costs and get to move-in faster. 




With Habitaflex [hôm], there is no need for costly foundations. [hôm] is specifically built to be installed on screw jacks, piles or posts making installation more economical than on traditional foundations. Of course, Habitaflex [hôm] can also be installed foundations if you prefer. And you need not worry. Roofs, walls  and floors are insulated for our Canadian climate so you can enjoy the cottage and be comfortable all-year-around.